Spacewreck 4 - The Erebus

The Mayflower got a great reception over at Renderosity, and I have produced another image in record time (for me)!! I think this will be my last Space wreck image for a while... However, I think this is the best so far - the wreck itself turned out brilliantly, and I’m really happy with the composition and feel - also, unlike my previous spacewreck image, it is 100% original from conception onwards...

As with my other images, there is a little story for context: “As man made his way to the stars, the drudgery of locating habitable planets was given to a vast fleet of robot probe-ships - essentially AI’s with a hyperdrive engine. These ships scoured the galaxy for planets that could support humans, or where necessary, could do so with a little terra-forming.

117 light years from Earth, around the star 79 Ceti one such probe discovered an ideal planet and duly sent its signal to Earth, a signal that would result in another colony ship making its journey across space. Unbeknown to the colonists, in the 300 years between the probe’s signal and the colony ship Erebus’ arrival, another race had discovered and settled the planet. Soon after establishing orbit, Erebus launched 22 manned site survey ships - all were lost with seconds of entering the atmosphere.”

Bryce, with some Photoshop colour correction.

Spacewreck 3 - The Mayflower released


I am a long-time fan of the work of Chris Foss (I used to stand in WH Smiths as a young teen staring at his book cover art for hours...). Recently, I decided to produce a piece influenced by one of his book covers, but as part of the Spacewreck series. Fans of Chris Foss will recognise that this image is a homage to Chris,s work for E E Doc Smith’s ‘Grey Lensman’ book cover during the 1970’s.I’m really pleased with the results this time... I agonised over the shade of the hull, the amount of ‘rot’, as well as the lighting - producing hundreds of images in the process... Think that the final image is just about right, though.

As with the previous images, there is a little story for context: “The workhorse of mans colonisation of the stars was the ‘Behemoth’ Utility and Colonist Transport Craft. These were essentially the 22nd Century equivalent of container ships used in late 20th Century industrial age. Behemoth’s were half a million tonnes of hyperspace engine and storage area, transporting thousands of colonists at a time along with everything they needed to establish their home on the new planet.

Here we see the Starship Mayflower in orbit around a colonised planet some 41 light years from Earth in the constellation of Cancer, around the star 55 Cancri, a binary star system. Like most Behemoth-class starships, the Mayflower was stripped of any useful components once the colonists had established themselves on the planet. Since then it has been left to its fate in high orbit, being peppered by small meteorites, reduced to scrap piece by tiny piece.”

Ship rendered in Bryce, background and overall image colour correction in Photoshop.

Spacewreck Released

I have released a new image over at Renderosity... Its called &”Spacewreck” and I’m quite pleased with it... It’s influenced by an old image by “http://www.angusmckie.co.uk/“ Angus McKie... My image has an accompanying story: “When humans finally made their push to the stars, it wasn’t without cost... Not every colonist ship made it to its destination, and even for some that did the last mile would prove too much. On distant worlds, the twisted and rusted hulks of starships stand as testament to the bravery of those that set out to make new homes...”

Notes: 100% Bryce - just a tiny colour correction in Photoshop.