Carrara 7 out: Daz claim speed improvement

Daz has released Carrara 7.0... They’re claiming dramatic speed improvements along with a host of new features including: Export capabilities via COLLADA Export, Multi-pass Rendering, as well as a new 3D Paint tool that enables textures to be selected, edited and painted directly onto an object. Additionally, the Assembly Room Vertex Modelling puts the Vertex Modelling capabilities that were previously only available in the Modelling room in the Assembly room too.

Cinema 4D: C4D 11 is out

Maxon has released C4D R11 which includes a non-linear animation system, new global illumination render engine and dramatically improved render speed. As well as support for the COLLADA file format and CineMan, lots of improvements were made to BodyPaint Release 4

Cinema 4D: Sci-Fi Tower

Sci-Fi Tower
I discovered another tutorial by Adam Benton over at ImagineFX. This time, the tutorial sets out to produce an image in the style of Chris Moore. The tutorial doesn’t go into the modelling of the the tower in detail - but it was enough to set me off!

You can find the tutorial “
http://www.imaginefx.com/02287754332467706460/create-classic- sci-fi-art.html” here