Photoshop Nebulas

I have been really, really struggling to produce realistic/effective looking (not the same thing!) nebulas in Photoshop... I have worked through dozens of tutorials which have explored all sort of techniques, to the point of exhaustion... Ultimately, wether you go for blending clouds, brushes, painting, a mix of all approaches, the key is Layers - lots of them... Build your nebula through many, many layers.

Moving To New Domain

Soon I’ll be moving this site to a new domain - nemean-art.com. This is part of my plan to develop a career out my art, rather than continuing as a hobby.... Stay tuned for more news!

New Ship

Screen shot 2011-05-04 at 11.16.13

Another ship I have been working on in Cinema 4D...



Shuttle craft I have been working on in C4D...

More Photoshop Planets

More Photoshop planet tutorials - as you can see from the screen shot, I’m trying for the photorealistic look...

I discovered a very useful video tutorial on Deviant Art for creating planets

Great Cinema 4D Resources For Sci-Fo Modellers

Cinema 4D modeller and developer Michael Welter has some fantastic plugins available for free at his site. There are a range of plugins available, including a truly fantastic atmosphere creator for modelling light/planet atmosphere interactions.

Visit the site, enjoy the plugins and give Michael some donation love...

Lynda Cinema 4D Training 3: Spline Tool

spline leaf

And learning how to use the Spline Tools by modelling a simple leaf... Care of the Lynda Cinema 4D video tutorials...

Lynda Cinema 4D Training 2: Bridge Tool


Screen grab from the Lynda Cinema 4D TRaining; building a “maze” using the bridge tool...

Lynda Cinema 4D Training


I have been working my way through the Lynda Cinema 4D course... I prefer the video format versus book, but I’m not a great fan of Larry Mitchell’s style - and with this sort of thing, the presenters style is ‘make or brake’, really...

Screen shot is an exercise modelling a simple spoon; you are introduced to HyperNURBs, Soft Selection, etc...

Photoshop Planets

Blue planet
I have been working my way through loads of Photoshop tutorials - creating star fields, planets, gas giant planets, nebulas, etc, etc...

Deviant Art is a great resource for these; the screen grab is my progress through Greg Martin’s “Make A Planet” Tutorial... Well worth the effort, as is Greg’s Star Field Tut.... Get them