Happy New Year 2016


Happy New Year!


Happy New Year


Back From Hols, Added Resources Over At DeviantArt

So, back from sunny, beautiful Corsica to beautiful but incredibly wet Paris - it really is horrible!

Corsica is just a brilliant island; rugged inland with the most incredible mountains and a coast of lovely sandy coves. Whenever possible, my wife and I spend our May holiday there; early May is perfect as the island is still quiet. We returned to the area around Olmeto and Propriano for this visit. As ever, we took thousands of photos - and, I’m not sure why, but something triggered memories from my youth... As a teenager I was a big fan of Roger Dean and the granite rock textures as well as the shapes of the rocks themselves reminded my strongly of his work.
Campomoro - Roger Dean carved rocks - 6

...and this one also reminds of the derelict from the film ‘Alien’!! Happy

Anyway, you can judge for yourselves! I have added a selection of pictures and texture resources to my portfolio over at DeviantArt.

Happy New Year


Merry Christmas