Dashboard Netnewswire Theme!

Dashboard Thumb

And to prove that my creativity hasn’t completely deserted me, i have made another theme for the excellent Netnewswire RSS Reader. Made with CSSEdit and Textmate, ‘Dashboard’ uses Lucida and Helvetica to blend in with your Mac desktop. As with my previous styles, it is intended to be easy on the eye and also provide ad-blocking.

You can download the Dashboard theme in the Downloads & Links section.


L'hiver and Frimas NNW Styles Available

I have some final freebies available for 2011... First up, some new styles for Netnewswire: L’hiver and Frimas (French for Winter and “Wintry Winter” respectively)

l'hiver screen

frimas screen

The styles use Zapfino for the article header and Cochin for the article body text. As ever, you’ll find them in the downloads section. ENjoy!

Automne Netnewswire Theme for Autumn!

Another free Netnewswire theme, this time with an autumnal theme (which seems bizarre, as temperatures exceeded 27 degrees today here in Paris!).

Anyway, it’s available in the Downloads and Links section - enjoy!

Carrara 7 out: Daz claim speed improvement

Daz has released Carrara 7.0... They’re claiming dramatic speed improvements along with a host of new features including: Export capabilities via COLLADA Export, Multi-pass Rendering, as well as a new 3D Paint tool that enables textures to be selected, edited and painted directly onto an object. Additionally, the Assembly Room Vertex Modelling puts the Vertex Modelling capabilities that were previously only available in the Modelling room in the Assembly room too.

Cinema 4D: C4D 11 is out

Maxon has released C4D R11 which includes a non-linear animation system, new global illumination render engine and dramatically improved render speed. As well as support for the COLLADA file format and CineMan, lots of improvements were made to BodyPaint Release 4

Daz Releases Bryce 6

Daz has released Bryce 6, fairly quickly followed by an update. Bryce is now Mac Intel native, supports HDRI and its memory management is better on the Mac - but I think its over. Not an app for me anymore...

In fact, the way Daz develops its software makes me wonder for the future of Carrara... Functionality is driven not by user needs, but to drive Daz’s main business - Poser-compatible figures, props and scenery.

Cinema 4D - Initial Experiences

Picture 2

The screen-capture, above, shows my first efforts in Cinema 4D! The exercise is from the included Quickstart guide. I must say that I’m super-impressed with this application; The interface is clean, understandable and very intuitive. Although Cinema 4D is feature-rich, capable of advanced rendering and animation tasks, the interface is simple enough for a beginner to jump in and produce results quickly. In fact, I would consider that to be the Cinema 4D's strongest feature - its ease-of-use. C4D is a very powerful application, yet but there is always more to learn; like PhotoShop, it is a program that provides a wealth of capabilities on the surface, but dig a little deeper and you will find the full-blown, high octane, turbocharged monster just waiting for you to get stuck-in!

More to come!

Cinema 4D!!!

My good friend Eshwar has arranged for Maxon to send me a copy of Cinema 4D - I’m super excited about this, not to mention extremely grateful!

Movie quality 3D here I come!

Purchased Carrara and Hexagon

Completely bloody fed-up with the terrible render times in Bryce 5.5 on the Mac, not to mention its rubbish Mac OS X integration, I have bought Carrara 5 and Hexagon...

Already, it’s immediately obvious that Carrara has a far superior rendering engine - does caustics, HDRI, everything! Just going to take some time to figure it out!