Inerviewed By Your Cavern Art Blog

I was interviewed recently by Guillaume from Your Cavern, a really great Digital Art blog. If you don’t already know it, Your Cavern is a really great site for discovering digital artists of all genres and styles - well worth a visit!

You can read my interview here

Site Update

as hopefully you have noticed, I have updated the site - it’s the main reason that I haven’t posted too much recently.

As well as a new look, the site features improved galleries - with a move to non-Flash image animations. Do let me know how it looks for you.

I have also resurrected the ‘Downloads & Links’ page, adding a selection of resource links that I find useful. These are principally for C4D/modelling resources.

Any feedback you have can be sent to me using the ‘contact’ link at the foot of the page or the Contact Form.

Back From Hols, Added Resources Over At DeviantArt

So, back from sunny, beautiful Corsica to beautiful but incredibly wet Paris - it really is horrible!

Corsica is just a brilliant island; rugged inland with the most incredible mountains and a coast of lovely sandy coves. Whenever possible, my wife and I spend our May holiday there; early May is perfect as the island is still quiet. We returned to the area around Olmeto and Propriano for this visit. As ever, we took thousands of photos - and, I’m not sure why, but something triggered memories from my youth... As a teenager I was a big fan of Roger Dean and the granite rock textures as well as the shapes of the rocks themselves reminded my strongly of his work.
Campomoro - Roger Dean carved rocks - 6

...and this one also reminds of the derelict from the film ‘Alien’!! Happy

Anyway, you can judge for yourselves! I have added a selection of pictures and texture resources to my portfolio over at DeviantArt.

New Image - Planetary Orbit

Orbit Front Cover Single Page
I have been working on several images recently, the most advanced of which is shown above... I have wanted to do a scene with astroids for ages - and now I’m working on two! If truth be told, I have wasted a huge amount of time finding the best way to create a realistic asteroid field. I recently tweeted my advice, but I’ll repeat it here in more detail.

By far and way the easiest way is to create several asteroids using Rob Hitzer’s excellent C4D ‘Rockgen’ plugin, which you can download from here. Use the settings to generate asteroids of varying sizes. Once you have your base asteroids, retexture with your favourite asteroid textures. Then duplicate each of your base asteroids along a (wiggly!!) spine, varying (greatly) the settings for position, size and rotation for each asteroid/spine combination. Experiment with this and you’ll find that you can quickly generate a realistic-looking (well, atmospheric) asteroid field.

The other image I’m working on that includes an asteroid field includes an asteroid close-up. This is proving particularly tough, especially the lighting. I’ll post more when I’m closer to a finished image!

Moving To New Domain

Soon I’ll be moving this site to a new domain - This is part of my plan to develop a career out my art, rather than continuing as a hobby.... Stay tuned for more news!