Great article on artist Peter Jones

Toward the end of last year I posted a new image - "Explorers Of The New Frontiers" - that was inspired by a fantastic image by artist Peter Jones.

As a fab follow-up, scifi author John Guy Collick has a great article on Peter over at his blog - well worth reading!

Another Site Refresh!

So, as you can see, another refresh of the site!

I have decided to ditch the 'faux book cover' galleries, largely as I think the latin placeholder text confused many people. The down side of this is that there are a lot of links in past blog entries that point in the old gallery direction. Oh well!

I think the new layout does what most visitors want in that it immediately serves-up images.

New Spaceship Texture PSD Templates

More clearing and cleaning out space on my hard drive… Here are two Photoshop templates I use for creating spaceship hull textures (that can be tiled) for my C4D materials. I have cleaned them up a little for public consumption. This means the layers are grouped and coloured to make sense of the template, and the detail layers are gone, because they were a bit crap, really!

The new spaceship texture templates and can be found in my DeviantArt Resources Gallery
panels_and plates_2-rusty

Size: 1024 x 1024 px
For those of you working in 3D apps, I have included the Normal and Specular layers.

hull panels-merged

So, what you get are the following grouped layers:
Dirt - choice of 7 dirt layers
Scratches - choice of 6 scratches
Grunge - 2 grunge layers
Hull Lines - 3 layers that include the lines that create the hull panels. This includes one rasterised layer and the original, unaltered lines so that you can modify it as necessary
Rust Texture Overlays - 2 rust overlays for creating the classic ‘battered freighter’ look
Panels - 4 layers containing various shapes to create paneling effects
Base Hull Textures - 3 choices of base hull texture/colour
Normal & Specular Layers - 1 each Normal and Specular layer for those creating materials in 3d applications

Besides these groups and layers, I have included a few ‘demo’ samples to show what can be done with the template.

Use : other than claiming that these textures are your work, knock yourself out with them - I hope you find the textures useful and It would be great to see how you use them in your art.

Multicolour Scifi Warning Signs - Multiple Shapes, PSD's

It seems ages since I have worked on one of my own projects - and anything scifi or 3d. All of the projects I’m involved in at the moment a bit on the dull side - but at least they pay! I’m clearing lots of stuff from my hard drive as one of the projects I’m working on involves creating lots of content including video. Thankfully, I’m able to push stuff out to cloud storage (thanks, Microsoft for 100GB of free OneDrive!)

Sifting through I found a coloured version of my Warning Signs template - no idea what I did it for and have no recollection of ever using it… It looked pretty cool though, so I spent an hour or two applying the styles to the other Warning Sign templates.  I suspect these will be more popular than the original, as these colours blend into more environments than my originals, which have a very strong identity of their own.

The new colourful templates - 6 in total - as well as the originals, can be found in my DeviantArt Resources Gallery

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 12.38.39

Base colours always
Orange: d48639/R212-G134-B57
Green: 727e62/R114-G126-B98
Blue: 3e4e98/R62-G78-B152

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 14.35.50

Groups & Layers
I have updated all of the layers and colour-coded them. To minimise the file sizes, wherever possible I have removed most of the rasterised layers and left the original PS Shape layer - this also allows you to easily change the colours. However, occasionally you will find the original shape layer missing - this is where I forgot to duplicate the Shape layer before rasterising or merging the layer.

The available Layers are:
Warning Sign  - pill
Warning Oval Sign Base Shapes
ID Holders Only
No Access
Scratches Dirt
Masks (alpha masks for clean and damaged)

A word about fonts
I have adjusted these templates so that the text layers use Arial Black, as both Windows and Mac machines should have this font as standard. The signs look more effective with any of the following fonts available from

Jacinto Sans
SF Automaton

The PS Brushes used to create the Dirt and Scratches layers include, but are not limited to:
Scratches by Katrina Rempel
Grunge Notion by Blazter
GrungeBrushes3 by KeReN-R

For the Biohazard sign I used Hazard Brushes 1 by AscendedArts

Personal Use
Have a ball - do whatever you want with it!

Commercial Use
No restrictions beyond checking those of the font you use.

Whatever you do with the template, I would love to see it - I had loads of fun making images with it and I hope you do to!

Inerviewed By Your Cavern Art Blog

I was interviewed recently by Guillaume from Your Cavern, a really great Digital Art blog. If you don’t already know it, Your Cavern is a really great site for discovering digital artists of all genres and styles - well worth a visit!

You can read my interview here

Site Update

as hopefully you have noticed, I have updated the site - it’s the main reason that I haven’t posted too much recently.

As well as a new look, the site features improved galleries - with a move to non-Flash image animations. Do let me know how it looks for you.

I have also resurrected the ‘Downloads & Links’ page, adding a selection of resource links that I find useful. These are principally for C4D/modelling resources.

Any feedback you have can be sent to me using the ‘contact’ link at the foot of the page or the Contact Form.