Spacewreck Revisited

A space wreck image - this is how I started out! Also, this particular image - more accurately, this particular space wreck - I have done before too… A loooong time ago I built the space wreck carcass in Carrara and made this illustration.

I was never entirely happy with that version, so exported the space wreck and updated it in C4D, fleshed it out a little, greebled it a little more and re-textured. Some 2-3 of the larger pieces of flotsam floating around the hull are from Jedilaw’s greeble pack.

Ringed Gas Giant Spacewreck-Thumb

I have to say that I’m still not happy with the resulting image; to a large degree that’s because I’ve tried to have my cake and eat it. I have tried to make the image as real as possible in an attempt to convey the cold, empty vastness of space - hence the hard sunlight. At the same time, I have tried to keep the image interesting with the fantastical nebula and so on. The lighting and camera angle meant I had to cheat very slightly with some infill on the spacewreck hull.

The ringed gas giant texture is mine and I’m quite pleased with it… The planet is actually two spheres, the outer having a translucent cloud texture derived from the principle texture. It hasn’t given the sense of depth I was hoping for, but still looks ok. The texture for the rings came from Deviantart, but I can’t remember who the artist was - if it’s you, let me know and I’ll add a link.

The textures for the moons came from Marlin Studios. The asteroids I made by combining ESO stock and running them through Crazybump for the Normals and Specular maps. All the textures for the space wreck hull are mine, some downloadable here in my DeviantArt Resources gallery.

The nebula I made using a new (for me) technique in Photoshop - I blended a fractal nebula I made in JWildfire with my usual technique for Nebula creation (starting with cloud stock). The technique has promise I think, but needs more work.

Modelled and rendered in C4D. Post work in Photoshop

Gallery Update & More Resources @ DeviantArt

I have added some additional book cover designs to each of the galleries - so please take a look. Happy

I have also added some additional resources (textures) to my DeviantArt Gallery

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More Gallery Additions

I have added some additional faux covers to the ‘Spacewrecks’ gallery..

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Spacewreck 8 - The Endurance released

Long time no posts! I have had this image hanging around for a while now, with nothing seriously wrong with it - so, a little tinkering and here it is! The image is inspired by the Flame Nebula and the possible (sad) fate of future explorers. The starship is named after Shackleton’s ship on which he sailed to the Antarctic - a ship that had been originally christened ‘Polaris’.
Spacewreck 8

Spacewreck 7: The Pythagoras

spacewreck pythagoras
Long time between posts... I have been spending a lot of time learning to use Cinema 4D... However, I am completely bored with making park benches, lamp posts and Mac Computers!

I went back to Spacewrecks, and an image I have had in my head for a while. I’m pretty happy with the way this one turned out - colours are good, ship turned out well... Only the the little Search & Rescue ‘driod ship is unconvincing - tried all sorts too... The first version looked too much like StarBug, the second looked like a Christmas decoration....

As with the previous images, there is a little story for context: “The Turin Class Artificial Intelligence Pythagoras was one of 250 hyperdrive-equipped Advance Planetary Survey Vehicles (APSV) which swept planetary systems ahead of colony ships leaving Earth, guiding them to habitable planets.The Pythagoras APSV had just signalled its home colony fleet of the discovery of a favourable planet in the HD 37124 system (Constellation: Taurus) when it was struck by something small, enormously heavy and very fast moving. Turin Class AI’s are regarded as sentient, with similar rights to humans - and within their APSV are very well protected. In fact, short of vaporising the ship, they are likely to survive most calamities that may befall their host APSV. Here, in the early morning sun, we see the Search & Rescue ‘droid (semi sentient) the ‘Pas Partous’ as it locates the Pythagoras, which had crash-landed on the planet it had just discovered. Because of the distance that APSV’s search ahead of their home fleets, and as the home colony fleets move more slowly, it has taken 10 standard years for the fleet to reach the planet.”

Sky - Dosch HDRI; Terrain Shader - complex terrain shader made with various textures, many from FreeStuff @ Renderosity by AgentSmith The Pythagoras textures - by Magma @ Devientart;The Pythagoras greebles/nurnies by originalmoron from his site; The Pas Partous textures - mostly by Total Textures, colour-modified to match. The engine glow is from someone’s Babylon 5 model - if it’s yours, let me know - I’m happy to credit you. As ever image colour correction was done in Photoshop CS1.

Spacewreck 6: The Shuttle 'Britannia' released

Spacewreck 5 - mountain

OMG! Now it’s 3 images in a month! You can tell its Christmas vacation time! Also, this is my second post for an image created in Carrara; Bryce is definitely taking a back-seat!

As you can see, I’m well-and-truly back to Spacewrecks, and also I have been thinking about book covers - particularly the small size of the image, the amount of detail that is necessary and so on. I produced and rendered the image in Carrara, some mesh manipulation in Hexagon, and as ever image colour correction was done in Photoshop CS1. I’m really happy with the way this one turned out - colours are good, ship turned out well... I think the image looks very convincing.

Only disappointment is the amount of detail I put inside the shipwreck: only the engines are visible...

As with the previous images, there is a little story for context: “By the beginning of the 21st Century, it was already known that the majority of extrasolar planets were gas giants, like Jupiter and Saturn. It was also known that many of these gas giants were even larger than Jupiter and Saturn many times so. Our solar systems own gas giants have many moons because their enormous mass gives them a huge gravitational attraction, enabling them to easily capture passing objects. This holds true for the gas giants elsewhere in the galaxy too. Additionally, because of their size, and because some of them orbit closer to their star, some of these gas giants have moons that are really terrestrial planets like Mars and Earth.

The problem as discovered by early waves of settlers is gravity... When you have the enormous gravitational influence of a super-sized gas giant, plus the gravitational interaction of many other moons, it makes for a very unstable environment. All of the earth-like moons so far discovered have such unpredictable meteorology and violent tectonic activity that they have been classified as unsafe for settlement. The survey shuttle Britannia was lost surveying one such earth-like moon around the gas giant HD 62509 b, which orbits the star Beta Geminorum (Pollux). A sudden electrical storm caused a complete white out and knocked out the ships sensors, causing it to come down in a near-by mountain range.”

Rendered in Carrara, colour correction was done in Photoshop.

Spacewreck 5: Discovery at Lagrange point released


Long time between posts... Real-life keeps getting in the way! Also, learning to use Carrara... This is my first post for an image created in Carrara; interesting ride, moving over from Bryce. I went back to Spacewrecks, and also I have been thinking about book covers - particularly the small size of the image, the amount of detail that is necessary and so on. I produced and rendered the image in Carrara, some model manipulations in Hexagon, and as ever image colour correction was done in Photoshop CS1.

I’m really happy with the way this one turned out - colours are good, ship turned out well... Only the little moon is unconvincing - tried all sorts too... Larger, smaller, closer, further away - but it didn’t help. However, I felt the image need a planet there to balance the picture. The background for the image is a skydome - a sphere mapped with an image (or in this case, images) - the Sky dome Starfield was created in Flaming Pears Glitterato, and the Sky dome Nebula image by Magma, available at Devientart. Spacewreck textures by Magma, also at Devientart.

As with the previous images, there is a little story for context: “During the second wave of mans colonisation of the stars, proof that life existed, or had existed elsewhere in the universe was finally incontrovertible. In a small planetary system 10 light years from the Doradus nebula, advance scout ships of the colony ship Endurance discovered a derelict, drifting at the systems Lagrange point Unfortunately, the evidence also indicated that the ship was also incredibly ancient; in fact, when this ship had sailed the stars, dinosaurs still ruled the earth.”

Gone Fishing!' released

Haven’t posted for a long time, been spending my time learning how to use Carrara and Hexagon... Having finished this piece, I didn’t want to post it as it didn’t come out the way I intended and is way too similar to my other pieces... But then I thought, well why not? It isn’t that bad! Well. It is, though! I wanted to capture ‘normality’ amidst the wonders of a possible future... It just looks like a series of disjointed pieces thrown into a single image... Oh well..

As with the previous images, there is a little story for context - though I was so disappointed with the image I wasn’t even inspired here very much: “Kahn Aat Gild sits on the pier fishing near the coastal spaceport city of Newport, which is located on the tourist moon Waterside. As its name suggests, Waterside has very little land-mass and consists of thousands of atolls, which are really the rims of mostly submerged impact craters.

Kahn works at the Sub-space Communications Centre, and uses his lunch breaks to spend a peaceful hour fishing before the stress of the afternoon workload. Today is Thursday, and so the tourist liner is arriving. From here, the tourists will be taken to one of the many hotels located on the atolls around the planet.”

Rendered in Bryce with a tonne of post work in Photoshop.

Spacewreck 4 - The Erebus

The Mayflower got a great reception over at Renderosity, and I have produced another image in record time (for me)!! I think this will be my last Space wreck image for a while... However, I think this is the best so far - the wreck itself turned out brilliantly, and I’m really happy with the composition and feel - also, unlike my previous spacewreck image, it is 100% original from conception onwards...

As with my other images, there is a little story for context: “As man made his way to the stars, the drudgery of locating habitable planets was given to a vast fleet of robot probe-ships - essentially AI’s with a hyperdrive engine. These ships scoured the galaxy for planets that could support humans, or where necessary, could do so with a little terra-forming.

117 light years from Earth, around the star 79 Ceti one such probe discovered an ideal planet and duly sent its signal to Earth, a signal that would result in another colony ship making its journey across space. Unbeknown to the colonists, in the 300 years between the probe’s signal and the colony ship Erebus’ arrival, another race had discovered and settled the planet. Soon after establishing orbit, Erebus launched 22 manned site survey ships - all were lost with seconds of entering the atmosphere.”

Bryce, with some Photoshop colour correction.

Spacewreck Released

I have released a new image over at Renderosity... Its called &”Spacewreck” and I’m quite pleased with it... It’s influenced by an old image by ““ Angus McKie... My image has an accompanying story: “When humans finally made their push to the stars, it wasn’t without cost... Not every colonist ship made it to its destination, and even for some that did the last mile would prove too much. On distant worlds, the twisted and rusted hulks of starships stand as testament to the bravery of those that set out to make new homes...”

Notes: 100% Bryce - just a tiny colour correction in Photoshop.