Here are a selection of resources and other goodies for you to enjoy. If you use any of my free resources in your work, I would love to see it. I have also provided links to SciFi artists that have inspired me, hopefully you will like them too!

Links to C4D Resources

Useful C4D Plugins

Here are a few links to the sites of C4D plugins that I believe are worth checking out. Most of these offer freeware plugins, but where you can please make a donation for their hard work.

Thomas Welters excellent freeware plugins

SolidChamfer by Andre Berg

Nitro4D's incredible range of free and donation ware plugins

Kuroyume's Development Zone - home of InterPoser

Useful Mesh SItes

There are plenty of times when we don't want to model - or simply don't have the time to model - everything in a scene. Here are some useful sites that provide a variety of meshes ofr download. The meshes are in various file formats - but most modern 3d programmes import everything accept the proprietary Autodesk 3ds Max.

Foundation 3D, wide range of meshes in Lightwave format

Pixel Labs free C4d models

Toms 3d4 free C4d models

Baument's useful freebie page

Inlite Studio's Freebies

How could I not include

Huge range of free meshes at

Sci-Fi Artists

These artists were responsible for some of the most well-remembered sci-fi book covers ever published.

With the exception of Chris Foss, these artists also provided much of the illustrations in that appeared in Stewart Cowley's 'Terran Trade Authority' series (as well as the spin-off books under the pseudonym Steven Caldwell)

Chris Foss

Peter Elson

Chris Moore

Fred Gambino

Colin Hay

Jim Burns

Angus Mckie